Hand Painted Ornaments

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Wooden eggs are free-standing, real eggs come ready to hang.  All artwork comes in a decorative box, suitable for gift giving.  Each ornament is hand-drawn and hand-painted, so slight variations from the representative photos can be expected.
















We are a two person, highly qualified professional artisan studio with over 35 years' experience, specializing in the traditional art of egg painting. Known for one-of-a-kind originals, we have created everything from memorial portraits to the Tennessee State Capitol - on an egg! 

The painted design depicts a spring afternoon by a cherry tree, where a girl dreams of all she can be when she grows up—an egg farmer, a teacher, an artist, astronaut, doctor or president of the United States.  An opening at the top of the egg reveals the interior of the egg painted with a vibrant blue sky above the globe symbolizing the limitless possibilities achievable with a little imagination and the pursuit of knowledge. The pullet eggs depict the elements of a high-quality education that will aid this young girl in reaching her full potential.

Carolyn Bickel, Master Egg Artist, was chosen by

The American Egg Board

to design and intricately hand paint consecutively the 


46th and 47th Annual

First Lady's Commemorative Eggs

The 2023 egg was a jewel box design created from a real hen's egg which opens to reveal a miniature Easter scene featuring a smaller "pullet" egg laid by an adolescent hen. This gift was provided by America's egg farmers contributing to a longstanding tradition in tribute to the First Lady of the United States.  This design is a nod to Dr. Jill Biden's passion for education and the opportunities it provides.  It was an absolute honor to paint this egg.

Made from actual chicken eggs, the 2024 First Lady’s Commemorative Egg features one large egg surrounded by several “pullet” eggs from young hens.  The one-of-a-kind design celebrates the power of education, imagination, and dreams for the future.   

The perfect canvas.....